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Benefits of Liver

Although uncommon in America, the liver has historically been consumed for thousands of years throughout the world.  In many cultures, it is considered a delicacy. The French foie gras and pâté, Scottish haggis, and German liverwurst are just a few examples of liver’s global popularity.

Steeped in civilizations with a tendency to let no part of the animal go to waste, liver and other organ meats fell out of favor as food processing grew more prevalent. Muscle meats quickly gained more popularity and were highly shelf-stable, as opposed to the delicate, fast-spoiling liver.

Nevertheless, liver—be it from beef, fish, pig, or chicken—is rich in many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, typically ten times the amount found in muscle meats. Gram per gram, the liver contains the highest amount of nutrients of any known food. It contains these nutrients in their easiest available forms, allowing the body to work less to remain healthy.

Vitamins and nutrients in the liver include:

  • 65% of the daily value of folate – the organic form of folic acid, important for fetal growth in pregnancy, red blood cell production, and brain health.
  • B12. The liver is the most concentrated natural source. B12 and folate work together to grow the myelin sheath – the protective covering around nerves that “takes the hit from stress.”
  • Vitamin A in the highest absorbable/bioavailable form, retinol. Necessary for eye, skin, bone, and tissue health, retinol is easier for the body to utilize than plant-sourced beta-carotene.
  • Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin. Since most people have difficulty soaking enough D from the sun, supplementation is often necessary. The liver is one of the purest whole food sources.
  • Vitamin E. Another fat-soluble vitamin, E boosts immune function, helps repair damaged cells, as well as balances hormones and cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamin K1. This lesser-known vitamin is critical for building and maintaining bones, protecting cardiovascular function, reducing bleeding (especially in regards to hemorrhaging, internal bleeding, and heavy menstrual cycles), and insulin regulation.
  • Choline, a chemical rather than a vitamin or mineral, has a structure similar to that of B vitamins. It is has been found to prevent fat buildup in the liver, aid childhood and infant development, reduce memory loss, and possibly lower cholesterol and homocysteine levels, as well.
The liver also contains a wide array of trace minerals, including:
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

What about toxins?

Due to its ability to filter and neutralize toxins in the body, most people hesitate to consume the liver in fear of absorbing toxins from animals. There’s no reason to fear.

The liver does not store toxins. The toxins that pass through it are stowed away in fatty or nervous tissue. What does stay in the liver are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, in great heaping portions.

NeoLife’s Liver Plus C

Originally developed for Olympic athletes, NeoLife’s Liver Plus C has profound benefits for athletes, or anyone looking to boost their energy levels.

  • Contains heme iron, the more absorbable form found in animal-based products
  • Supplies vitamin C, which helps boost iron absorption
  • Supports improved physical endurance
  • Supplies “anti-fatigue” nutrients
  • Specially coated to lock in flavor and nutrients, and to eliminate odor
  • Derived from 100% South American beef liver
  • Free of hormones, pesticide residues, and antibiotics
  • Defatted to remove cholesterol and eliminate rancidity

Put to the test:

In a 12 week study of rats, three groups were divided and given supplements. The goal was to mark any differences in stamina and endurance between the rats during a swimming test.

Group 1 was given a simple balanced diet.

Group 2 was given an identical diet, but with added B vitamins.

Group 3 ate the same diet supplemented with the liver.

At the end of the study, the rats were tested to see how long they could swim. Both Groups 1 and 2 swam, on average, 13 minutes.

The liver supplemented Group 3 swam an average of over 2 hours. Only three rats swam for shorter time periods: 62, 83, and 87 minutes, a minimum of 49 minutes longer than the other groups!

The scientists conducting the study felt that a minimum of 24 days was necessary for liver supplementation to manifest its full effects.  The cause of the liver’s unique effects on physical performance is still unknown, but its benefits are radically clear.

Customer Testimonies:

Kim P.

“I added the Liver Plus C (LPC) about a month ago. I had been running three miles max. When I added the LPC I bumped it up to five miles and ran my first half marathon in two hours and 39 minutes. I attribute the LPC with my energy level and endurance. My youngest daughter said, "Mom, you are so hyper! I want to take what you are taking." I'll will be 55 years old on Sunday and I have never felt better! Fuel matters!”

June H.

My son battles with acne.  He started with two Formula IV and two Liver Plus C a day.  Since starting on the program he has no acne.  He stopped his program and it came back, so now he remembers to take the products more regularly.

Mary D.

The husband of one of my friends was eating very poorly and struggling with energy.  He wouldn’t drink NeoLifeShakes or eat their Bars, so we put him on 6 Liver Plus C a day.  After only 3 months, his energy levels increased dramatically.  His wife told me that he has so much more energy, and he’s even eating better.  They live across the street from me, and rarely did I see him outside his house, but in the last few weeks I have seen him working in his yard, sometimes late into the night!

Barbara S.

Two years ago, I started taking 4 Liver Plus C every day for physical stamina.  Later, to my surprise, I was able to recall hymns when they were first announced in church.  This was a first for me!  Second hymn same thing! It is wonderful to get a voicemail message right the first time, including the number.  I’ve tried other supplements for brain health, but Liver Plus C has made the most mental change.  Other friends are also thrilled.  One said, “I got my mind back.”

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