Blood analysis is a live cellular assessment of your blood to discover possible indicators that we can evaluate to help you improve your health.

In these modern times, we are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis. In many cases our food quality is poor, and our health suffers from regular exposure to stress and other detrimental factors in our environment.

Blood analysis pulls back the curtain, revealing the specific ways that your genetics, nutrition and lifestyle is impacting your health. It can provide indicators concerning your immune system, nutrient deficiencies, or pathogens/ toxins present in your body. Once you have this knowledge, we can suggest steps you can take to improve your health and overall wellness.

Will it hurt? No! All we need is a tiny sample of blood, which we get by pricking your finger. You’ll hardly feel it.

Each session lasts one hour and costs $85. Sessions can only be conducted in-person.

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How Can Blood Analysis Help Improve Your Health?

Blood analysis can help you live a healthier life by providing insights into how your genetics, nutrition and lifestyle is impacting your health.

Once you have this information, we can help you establish a nutritional and lifestyle plan to address the health issues revealed in your blood and guide you toward living your best natural, healthy life.

Benefits of blood analysis include:

  • An understanding of the effects certain foods, drinks, and toxins are having on your body and blood

  • Detection of indicators that may lead to sickness and disease

  • Knowledge of how to take responsibility for your health

  • Knowledge of your body, its systems, and what they need, including knowledge of ways you can improve your nutrition by increasing your intake of water, whole foods, or other factors

What Can You Expect From Your First Blood Analysis Appointment?

Our goal for every blood analysis session is to observe and reveal the story your blood has to tell. We will look for indicators that may signal underlying health conditions or opportunities to improve your overall nutrition. Then, we will discuss ways you can modify your lifestyle and nutrition to move forward with your health goals.

Included in your first blood analysis session you will receive:

  • A live observation of your blood

  • A written report with the detailed findings from your blood analysis

  • A verbal review of these findings to help you make a plan to improve your health

  • Recommendations for foods, exercise, lifestyle, natural supplement, and other modifications you can make to improve the findings from your blood analysis

How Does Blood Analysis Work?

Blood analysis is also sometimes referred to as live blood analysis, live cellular analysis, or nutritional blood analysis.

The analysis of blood to identify disease and nutritional issues was pioneered by German physician Günther Enderlein, who first proposed the idea in 1925.

Since then, magnification technology has greatly improved, allowing us to get incredibly detailed findings with even a tiny sample of blood—in fact, in just a single drop of blood you’ll find 5 million cells, each of which contributes to the life of your body!

When conducting blood analysis, our expert blood analyst Cheryl Howe will make a tiny prick on your finger to collect a blood sample.

After collection, Cheryl places the sample between two glass slides, then places these slides under a magnifying glass, and projects the magnified image onto a large screen T.V. so that you can look over her shoulder as she conducts her analysis.

The magnifying glass Cheryl uses allows her to magnify the blood sample from 8X to up to 100X, letting her—and you—get a close look at your current state of health by closely examining the state of the cells within your blood. Please note that this blood analysis is not the same as blood work from your physician.

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Each blood analysis session is conducted by Cheryl Howe, our expert blood analyst.

Sessions last one hour and cost $85. Sessions can only be conducted in-person.

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