The No. 1 Way to Naturally Overcome Kidney Stones

A beautiful flower, the hydrangea is more than just a pretty face. Its seven-layer roots have been used for centuries for holistic healing. Native American populations, in particular, relied heavily on the herb to stave off numerous illnesses. In terms of nutrition, Hydrangea contains a number of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including:

o Calcium Phosphorouso Potassiumo Magnesiumo Zinco Quercetino Sulfur

Historically, hydrangea has been used to:

o support kidney health encourage urinary flow fight bladder infections prevent kidney stones dissolve kidney stones support prostate health lessen autoimmune disorders aid waste removal fight malaria soothe enlarged prostate ease blood sugar imbalances reduce male pattern baldness


Wanda C.

I had issues with kidney stones. My right kidney was full and my left was swollen. Jim gave me Hydrangea, which I took for three months. When I went to get a CAT scan done, all the stones were gone!

Glenn W.

My wife suffered from severely large kidney stones. She underwent surgery to break them up and spent ten to fourteen days in pain, still without passing the stones. Jim told me about Hydrangea. After two days on it, the stones were gone! She experienced very little discomfort. We were thrilled!

Joy H.

I have a chocolate, miniature poodle who had an issue with recurrent kidney stones. He had up to 40 built up in his body at one time. He had surgery to remove them. Now we keep him on Hydrangea and changed him to a diet of raw food. Three years later, now 9 years old, he’s stone-free and healthy.

James G.

My son, David, brought me a bottle of Hydrangea for kidney stones. I took it and passed two stones.

Julie H.

After going to the E/R with kidney stones twice, Jim Hangstefer recommended I take Hydrangea. I’ve taken two capsules of Hydrangea since December 2009 along with staying well-hydrated and I haven’t had ANY kidney stone attacks since!

Darrell D.

I had kidney stones. Someone told me about Hydrangea, and I tried it reluctantly. To my surprise, it really worked! I use it consistently and tell other people too! It’s great to have a natural solution.

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