[June] All Things Men!

This month's product highlights are inspired by our appreciation for all the fathers and men out there. We want to be sure to highlight products that can be helpful for men, since oftentimes they need that little, extra nudge to take the time needed to care for themselves.

These products are awesome and could be a great gift idea for Father's Day...or just because!

NeoLife Bio-Tone




Support and maintain lean muscle tone with amino acids and lipotropic factors that assist with recovery & overall body tissue toning, muscle retention, lipid mobilization & lean tissue development.

Bio-Tone also relaxes and supports blood flow & restful sleep by providing calcium to help relax the nervous system.*


”This is one of my favorite products to lose weight. I take it at night and It makes me sleep so well! I absolutely love it!" - Anonymous


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NeoLife Sport Performance Protein



Sourced from whey & milk (no soy protein), Sport Performance Protein supports athletes and active people to build and retain muscle for optimal results. Specialized formula that provides biologically complete protein, amino acids, and vitamins & minerals to fuel muscle building, strength and optimal performance. Glycemin Response Controlled to help support normal blood sugar levels and to help minimize fat storage and promote fat burning. *

Sport Performance Protein Testimonials:

"I ran 2 half-Marathons & set 7:18/mile pace PR using the Sport Pack. Full motion helped my joints continue to feel good with 20+ miles of running a week in training and for races. Sport Protein for recovery and muscle growth. Also, the Pro Vitality to help keep the energy up for everything." - Chase C.


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check out our Customer Testimonies here!




NeoLife Sport Endurance



Maximize endurance during training and competition with a concentrated source of “anti-fatigue” nutrients. Supports the body's energy production process and healthy nerve function. 100% pure South American beef liver, not exposed to antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. Contains Vitamin C & bioflavonoids for enhanced absorption. *


Sport Endurance Testimonials:

Check out this awesome testimonial here from Cody Hollister, Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver, on his NeoLife regiment, that includes NeoLife Sport Endurance.



Want to read more testimonials regarding other products,

check out our Customer Testimonies here!






Hops for Pops

"Hops for Pops" Tea



Hops for Pops is a fun combination of Orange Peel, Chamomile, Hops, Passion Flower, Ginger & Stevia Leaf - several of which have historically been used to create a calming effect that will soothe and relax! *




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