[July] No Time to be Sick!

The busiest time of Summer, and you don't have time to be sick!

This month's product highlights are inspired by the need to keep you at your healthiest during the busiest part of Summer! There's no time to be sick, and we have a stellar lineup of items that can help you be proactive in fighting viruses and infection!


Dr. Christopher's X-INFX

Dr. Christopher's X-INFX



Support your body’s lymphatic system with Dr. Christopher’s herbal all natural X-INFX formulation. Christopher's Original Formulas time tested X-INFX formula is a synergistic blend of herbs that supports the body's lymphatic system which is helpful to promote overall health.*


X-INFX Testimonials:

"I have been using this product for a while now. I do not have insurance and it is not an easy thing to get antibiotics for the issues that I have with a recurring infection from abscesses. This product has been an absolute miracle for me." - Anonymous


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Nature's Sunshine VS-C (concentrate)



Concentrated extract of dandelion whole plant, purslane top, indigo leaves, and root, thlaspi whole plant, bupleurum root, scute root, typhonium rhizome, cinnamon twig, licorice root, and ginseng root - this concentrated Chinese herbal formula historically helps support immunity, detoxification, and respiratory tract health. *


VS-C Testimonials:

"I love this stuff and take it with me when I travel. If I get a sniffle or tickle in my throat. This will kick out any bug I may have caught before it ruins my trip. LOVE IT. The kids liquid is awesome too. My kids ask for it when they feel something coming on.
They love it!" - Anonymous


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 Nature's Sunshine Goldenseal


(*also available in bulk herb - powder $20.48oz and cut/sifted $28.13oz here)


 Goldenseal’s immune-supporting properties are largely due to its hydrastine, berberine and canadine alkaloids. These constituents have been known to help support the mucous membranes that line the respiratory, digestive & urinary tracts. *


Goldenseal Testimonials: 

"I love goldenseal. Any time I feel something is attacking me I reach for it. Great to seal cuts too." -Jeanne

"I have tried many other brands and this is by far the best and most effective goldenseal I have ever used. I would not be without it." -Maribeth






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