Are You Tired All the Time? Increase Your Energy Levels with these 2 Essential Nutrients

We've all been there – feeling exhausted and run down, no matter how much we sleep or get rested. Maybe you've chalked it up to stress or a busy lifestyle, but what if it's something more? What if you're just tired all the time? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Millions of people suffer from fatigue and lower energy levels. A lot of times, this condition can hinder your day-to-day life. Due to poor energy, you may not be able to participate in activities you love or spend time with family and friends.

Being tired all the time can also lead to other health problems such as weight gain, anxiety, and depression. If you're struggling with fatigue, it's important to identify the root cause. Once you know what's causing your tiredness, you can take steps to eliminate the problem.

What Is Causing Your Poor Energy?

You're probably wondering what's causing your poor energy. While there are many possible causes of fatigue, do you know that an imbalance in your endocrine gland system may be the main cause of your poor energy levels?

When you're feeling tired all the time, this is usually a sign that your body needs nutrition. Your body is not getting the adequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function properly. If you're not eating a balanced diet, this could be the reason for your fatigue.

The problem, however, is that two of the most important nutrients that our bodies need are difficult to get from food sources. That means, even if you're eating a well-balanced diet, you may still not be getting enough of these two essential nutrients.

What Are These Two Essential Nutrients?

There are two essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly and avoid getting tired or sick all the time.

  • Protein
  • The first nutrient is complete protein. To get complete protein, it takes 22 amino acids all in all. What's unfortunate is that in America, there is no source of complete protein. Even the common animal meat sources are often incomplete protein sources.

  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • The second nutrient are the three essential fatty acids, namely: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids cannot be produced by our bodies, meaning we have to get them from food.

    But for many Americans, the usual food that they eat everyday does not contain these essential fatty acids. Even if you decide to cherry-pick some food sources with ALA, EPA, or DHA, chances are, you're still not getting all the nutrients you need. No wonder a lot of Americans get tired easily and turn out sick because of the lack of essential nutrients.

    How Can You Get More of These Two Essential Nutrients?

    Perhaps you're stressing out on what food to eat or how many nutrients you can find in one vegetable. Increasing your energy levels and improving your overall health doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to find a way to get more of the two essential nutrients that our bodies lack.

    This is where supplements come in. While it’s always advisable to eat a healthy, wholesome diet, one straightforward and effective solution is to supplement your diet with the right kind of nutrients.

    The best way to get more of these two essential nutrients is by taking dietary supplements. At Nature's Finest Nutrition, we carry NeoLife dietary supplements that can provide you with complete protein or essential fatty acids. 

    We have isolated these nutrients and made them available in easy to consume forms that you can integrate in your daily diet.

    For protein, the NeoLifeShake protein powder is one of the best tasting and most complete protein powders on the market today. It’s made with all 22 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones, which makes it a complete protein source. You can use this powder to make delicious shakes or smoothies

    If you're looking for an essential fatty acid supplement, NeoLife also has Omega-3 supplements that can address this gap in your dietary intake. These Omega-3 supplements provide a rich source of EPA and DHA, two of the three essential fatty acids that our bodies need.

    These are just some examples of the dietary supplements that we offer at Nature's Finest Nutrition. By taking these supplements, you can make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. This will help reduce fatigue, improve energy levels, and help you function better everyday.

    If you're always tired because you're struggling with an imbalance in your endocrine system, we have an amazing program developed by Emma Joe Krause R.N. to put the glandular system back in balance. This energy support program can also be tailored to fit your nutritional deficiencies.

    For more information, please visit our website or contact us today. We are always happy to help you find the right supplements for your needs.