P-X (2.8 oz)

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P-X is a male corrective formula. The herbs in this combination work to reduce inflammation and swelling in the urinary system, the prostate, and kidneys to prevent the formation and growth of kidney stones.


  • Supports the urinary system.

How It Works:

Juniper berries support the urinary system and help the body maintain proper fluid balance. Parsley supports digestion and kidney function. Uva ursi has urinary astringent actions and helps support a healthy microbial balance.


Juniper berries, goldenseal root and rhizome, capsicum fruit, parsley leaves, ginger rhizome, eleuthero root, uva ursi leaves, queen of the meadow leaves, and marshmallow root.

Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily with at least 8 oz. water.