Golden Salve (1 oz. jar)

  • $29.95


Soothe and moisturize rough, dry, or patchy hands, lips, and skin with Golden Salve, featuring olive oil, beeswax, comfrey root, mullein leaves, and a host of other beneficial natural ingredients.


  • Soothes and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Supports healthy skin.
  • How It Works:
  • The herbal extracts in Golden Salve offer luxurious soothing benefits to rough, dry, and patchy skin and lips.


Olive oil, beeswax, black walnut hulls, chickweed herb, comfrey root, goldenseal root, lobelia herb, marshmallow root, mullein leaves, myrrh gum, scullcap herb, wheat germ oil, white oak bark, yarrow flower, eucalyptus leaf oil, and vitamin E acetate.

Use externally to soothe and moisturize rough, dry, or patchy skin and lips. Apply liberally as often as needed.