The Best Herbal Blends for Better Breathing, Allergies & More!

Why use herbs for allergy and respiratory support?

  • They have a long history (centuries-long!) of safe, side-effect free use
  • They’re non-habit forming
  • They help the body restore balance and function at its best
  • Traditionally, they’ve been shown to relieve respiratory complaints and infections
  • They work naturally and gently to support optimal respiratory function


A 100% herbal blend of elecampane, nettle, anise, elder, thyme, licorice, and bayberry.

Historical uses of these herbs include:

  • Clear bronchial breathing
  • Regular, unrestricted airflow
  • Strong immune function
  • Healthy respiratory response to pollen
  • Calm, clear lungs
  • Soothed air passageways and tissues
  • Reduced response to allergens
  • Healthy circulation, digestion, and kidney function


A synergistic blend of horseradish, alfalfa, pleurisy, fenugreek, molasses, thyme, cayenne, hyssop, bee pollen, slippery elm, and yerba santa.

Historical uses of these herbs include:

  • Healthy, open airflow in sinuses and lungs
  • Clear, even breathing
  • Reduced inflammation in distressed tissues
  • Strong immune response
  • Improved digestion, circulation, and kidney function
  • Enhanced vitality and energy
  • A rich supply of phytonutrients and minerals
  • Balanced body temperature


Melinda E.

I had sinus and ear problems all my life. After a month on the Resp Eleven, I was able to get off all prescription meds, and overall, the pain and pressure in my sinuses have gone.

Ivette R.

My twelve-year-old son has very sensitive allergies. All his allergy tests came back positive. He’s been using medication and inhalers to cover it for 5-6 years. He coughs, wheezes, and suffers severe asthma. He started using ALJ in November with good results and added Resp Eleven in May the following year for allergy season. He noticed an improvement in  2 weeks! Now he’s off all medication.

Abbie L.

The day before my best friend’s wedding, I had an awful cold. The infection was in my chest. I was so raspy I could barely talk. Jim recommended Herbal Respiratory Formula. I took it faithfully all that day until bed. By the next day, my cold was 90% gone. I could breathe clearly, and I no longer sounded sick. I was amazed!

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I do not directly or indirectly give medical advice or prescribe through alternative treatment.  I recommend that people contact their doctor if they need a medical diagnosis. I assume no responsibility if anyone decides to use this information, which is of historical value, for they are choosing to prescribe for themselves. Healing is sometimes a slow process, and I suggest that you do not stop taking any medications without the guidance of a doctor.