QUERCETIN (pronounced: kwur-si-tin)

As with anything new coming down the pipeline, it is important to educate ourselves and learn whether or not this “new, great thing” is a fad…or deserves to be looked at and researched more deeply.

Quercetin is something that we have recently been asked about several times at our office, so we wanted to educate ourselves and see why this may, or may not be for that matter, the next “fad” in what people are looking for to help with viruses during cold and flu season.

I, for one, was extremely surprised to find that it occurs naturally in many things, as well as something that is very popular in my own household. Elderberry!

Quercetin is a plant from the flavonoid group of polyphenols. If you’re like me when I read that statement for the first time, you’re saying, “OK? What in the world does that mean?” Well, let’s dive-in and take a deeper look…

With all scientific terms aside, and to make it simple and quick (because that’s what we need in today's fast-paced society)…..it is something that is found in a wide variety of whole foods and whole grains. When picking out your produce, think "RGP" (red, green, and purple) as these are the ones that tend to be the highest in Quercetin. Just chant to yourself “RGP - it’s really good for me” a couple of times, and you’re likely to remember it forever [you’re welcome]. Keep in mind, the amount of Quercetin in these products can vary, however, depending on the quality and how they’re prepared. So, when possible, organic is the best bet in most cases.

Ok, so we now know HOW and WHERE to find it, but what does it actually DO?

Researchers are beginning to believe that it is likely to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Quercetin has gained a lot of attention, recently, because it is believed to possibly help your body absorb Zinc more efficiently.

Now….the exciting news for YOU is that we carry several products in our office that have Quercetin in them from naturally occurring fruits and vegetables. Would we rather you gain this from eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables…absolutely. However, realistically, that may be fairly difficult for the average person to consume daily, and we are excited that we can provide you with a healthy addition.

Come on by and let us tell you about our products with Quercetin! We’d love to, as this is something we are really excited to have educated ourselves on and continue to learn about it.

See you soon!

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