Spleen Activator (100 caps)

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Nature’s Sunshine draws on traditional Chinese medicine in Spleen Activator, Chinese, a formula that may act as a digestive system tonic and boosts energy levels. Called wen zhong in Chinese, or “warm the center,” Spleen Activator supports a weak earth element, according to Chinese philosophy. It encourages proper spleen function and provides nourishment to the pancreas. It may alleviate occasional night leg cramps. Spleen Activator includes ginseng, licorice, and atractylodes.


  • Supports the digestive system.

How It Works:

According to Eastern philosophy, life permits us to work with what we have on earth here and now—body and mind—in order to reclaim and maintain the innate energy and spirit that reside within us. Energy and spirit must be awakened, nurtured, and balanced in order for life to flourish. TCM philosophy names five distinct energies that permeate the body: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. In order to feel your best, these energies must be in balance.


Concentrated extract of ginseng root, astragalus root, atractylodes rhizome, hoelen sclerotium, dioscorea rhizome, lotus seed, chaenomeles fruit, citrus peel, galangal rhizome, ginger rhizome, hyacinth bean, licorice root, magnolia bark, tang-kuei root, typhonium rhizome, cardamon fruit and zanthoxylum hull of seed.

Take 1 capsule with a meal daily.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.