Sage (100 caps)

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Sage leaves are highly astringent and aromatic. This herb was used to help preserve meat for centuries due to its ability to help create an environment that is friendly to microbial balance.


  • Sage has been used traditionally to support the digestive, nervous, and female glandular systems.
  • La salvia (sage) ha sido usada tradicionalmente para apoyar a los sistemas digestivo, nervioso y glandular femenino.

How It Works:

Sage is highly astringent and aromatic. It has been used in Europe for centuries as a spice and medicine. In fact, it has a long history of traditional use in helping to thwart digestive disturbances, including flatulence, bloating, dyspepsia, and gastritis, as well as overcoming loss of appetite. Extracts of this herb have antioxidant properties; they act as a preservative, which probably explains sage’s centuries-long use as a meat seasoning.


Sage leaf.

Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily.