Our founder Jim beat cancer using natural supplements. But he’s not the only one—read these testimonials from our community to see how our nutritional guidance and natural products have helped people radically change their lives for the better.

"I used to get sinus headaches so bad I couldn't move my head. I tried medication, but had no results. My son bought me Turmeric with Black Pepper. I took seven tablets a day, and my pain is gone!"

Pearl N.

"I’m allergic to MSG. I get large red welts on my skin when I eat it. Enviro-Detox is the only thing that works. If I’m not sure what I’ll be eating, I take one extra. If I’m away from home, I take one every day until I’m home. It really works!"

Kathy Y. 

"Roxie, my 8-year-old Mini Schnauzer, had lymphoma. The vet said she should have been dead. I put her on Jim's cancer program, and the tumors have shrunk! The vet says to keep doing what I'm doing, and he is going to keep Roxie's records to show other pet owners."

Mary Jo. 

"My arteries were clogged. My blood pressure was over 160/80, and my good cholesterol was very low. I took Lipitor for six years, but nothing worked until I started taking Nattokinase. My blood pressure decreased to 130/60, and my good cholesterol rose to 60! My doctor was so delighted!"

Judy H.

"I had IBS, and was on dangerous medications that were knocking me unconscious at work, as well as making me lose weight. I came to Jim, and he recommended Slippery Elm and Intestinal Sooth & Build. I noticed relief the first time I took them. You can't go wrong with herbs for intestinal problems--they're wonderful!"

Dulcie B.

 "I was on dialysis. My creatine levels were down from 8 to 5 in three weeks. I started taking Parsley, Charcoal, and Burdock to strengthen my kidneys and cleanse my blood. After only one month, I was off dialysis!"

Ray S.

"I had a clot blocking an entire vein in my leg. I had deep vein thrombosis in my thigh, and was given some of the highest level treatments in the country. My doctors couldn't stabilize my blood. They said I had the veins of a ninety-year-old. I felt sick. I was in extreme pain, and couldn't walk without limping. My aunt told me to go see Jim. After a month on his circulatory cleansing program, all the clots were gone!"

Eva F.

"I had a stroke, and discovered that I had a 100% blocked carotid artery. I had severe numbness in my right leg, and my right eye was hemorrhaging from the stroke. My vision was blurry. Sometimes I would black out without warning. The doctors could offer no answers, and told me I was a walking time bomb. I came to Nature's Finest Nutrition, and Jim recommended 20 capsules of Salmon Oil a day. In a week, the numbness in my leg disappeared, my eyesight cleared, and I had more energy. I'm still improving!"

Gary M.

"For two and a half years, I had a skin condition with open sores and deep red, itchy, scaly skin across my legs, stomach, and the palms of my hands. I came to Jim, and he recommended Formula IV Plus, and Nattokinase. My skin recovered, and I have 40% to 50% more energy than I used to!"

Bill M.

"I've been in martial arts since I was three. Recently, I broke my foot and ankle in a kick. I couldn't walk for more than 30 minutes. My doctor told me I would have to live with it. But after two months of taking Salmon Oil, Cal-Mag, and Turmeric, I can swim, white water raft, rock climb, and do yoga--all pain free!"

Jimmy A.

"My son takes Mind Enhancement, and it makes him more relaxed and concentrated in class. He isn't jumpy or hyper--just very steady in how he feels. And he sleeps so much better!"

Christine N.

"I was playing with my dog on a rope when he ran around me and got caught on my leg. I got stuck, and ended up with a deep rope burn that was very painful and irritated. I came to Jim and Pat, who recommended Silver Shield Gel. I saw a big difference in two weeks, and it was healed within a month!"

Megan H.

"My daughter had constant sinus infections. She started going to the doctor as a toddler. They gave her Albuterol. When she was eight, she started taking Resp Eleven, and it works! It's the only thing that's helped. Our whole family uses it now!"

Jamie H.

"I had cataracts and surgery seemed to be the only option. I started taking four capsules of Carotenoid Complex a day. Six weeks later I went back to the Doctor and he asked me if I had memorized the eye chart because I had read it perfectly!!!! I didn’t have to have surgery!!!"

Amy H.

"I came to see Jim 14 years ago, I was anemic, and had low energy. During my first visits to Jim, I always left with a sack full of vitamins and herbs. I immediately started to feel better and my body started to detoxify. My energy level increased, my mind became alert and sharp. I want to thank Jim for all the years exemplifying the love of God, and showing me the natural pathway to life."

Susan F.

"Since 2011, I’ve suffered from hives and a horrible rash on my wrists and hands. My doctors and dermatologist thought it was a mix of psoriasis and eczema. I spent thousands of dollars trying to control it, but nothing helped. I came to Nature’s Finest and started taking Enviro-Detox. Two days later, the hives and the rash were gone. The pain and inflammation in my hands were gone, too! My doctors couldn’t believe it!"

Tracy B.

"I had poor digestion, a rash on my leg, and pain in my knees. I started taking Aloe, Salmon Oil, Tre, and Intestinal Sooth & Build, and I felt so much better! Within 6 months, my triglycerides dropped 50 points! I plan to stay on these products--they really work!"

Cindy R

"I was having problems with constipation. I came to Nature's Finest Nutrition to talk to Pat, and she recommended Cascara Sagrada for a clean colon. It's been great!"

Jaqueline B

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